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Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software.
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All-caps constants: yay or nay?

V is a strict language and it's going to force one style for naming constants.

Building V in 0.4 seconds and then using the resulting binary to build itself again.

Which one do you prefer?

user := json.decode(User, data)
user := json.decode<User>(data)

Cross-platform Tetris in 230 lines of V:

You'll be able to compile it today, since early access builds are going to be live today at 5pm UTC!

V forum is live:

This simple forum/blogging software is written in V and will be open sourced after the language is.

The entire web app is a single 65 KB binary file and has zero lines of JavaScript :)

In V variables are immutable by default.

What do you think about making struct fields immutable by default as well?

All examples in the docs are now runnable:

The V playground is live:

This is a pre-alpha stage. The language is going to become
a lot more stable in the next month.

Please report all issues via GitHub.

Coming soon: online C to V translator.
Coming not so soon: online C++ to V translator.

math.pow(a, b) or a ** b?

There's a concern that there shouldn't be an operator for such an expensive operation.

On the other hand, it could make scientific and game code more readable.

Despite my earlier tweet, I decided to publish V under MIT, a simpler and more permissive license.

License: MPL or Apache for the V compiler?

GPL is too restrictive and complex, MIT doesn't offer protection from patents.

To me MPL looks like an ideal option: it protects the project and its contributors, and it doesn't result in any inconveniences for companies.

The landing page now has 4 examples that show some features of the language.

Docs have been updated:

Also someone suggested offering an early access to Patreon supporters. Now you have an opportunity to get the compiler on May 1 :)

Playground tomorrow.

fn add(a i32, b i32) i32


fn add(a int, b int) int

About 80% of integer types used are i32. Right now in V "int" always means "i32".

Which one do you prefer?

Documentation is live:

Also I posted a compilation speed benchmark:

If you want to support V development, you can do it on Patreon:


Just published the first draft of the documentation. So far it covers the basics.

I bought 2 domains for the V website. I can't decide which one to use.

Which one do you prefer?

A basic version of the V website is up:

SSL, better mobile support, examples, documentation are coming this month.

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