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Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software.
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V 0.4 is out!

2160 commits pushed to master, 1205 bugs closed since V 0.3.

4 165 files changed, 329 174 insertions(+), 42 434 deletions(-).

V 0.4 changelog is combined from 0.3.1-0.3.5 releases.

The changelog is huge! It has 370 items:

Blog post:

V 0.4 is out!

V 0.4 is out!

2160 commits pushed to master, 1205 bugs closed since V 0.3.

4 165 files changed, 329 174 insertions(+), 42 434 deletions(-)

The changelog is huge! It has 370 items:

V 0.4

*1 Jul


V 0.3.5 is out!

The full changelog:

Running tests in the upcoming VSCode/VLS is super nice:

Static type methods have been implemented!

Which syntax do you prefer: Foo. new() or Foo::new()?

`.` is simpler, a new token isn't required.

`::` complicates things a bit, but makes it easier to distinguish between `foo.method()` and `Foo::new()`.

The new VLS (released in early July) has realtime errors!

A stylistically minimal, privacy respecting, linear blogging system, written in V with zero JS:

How often do you write long `match`es to convert your enums to strings?

In V it just works.

(And if you want an integer value, not a string, just cast it with `int()` first.)

RT @intellij_v: Only 2 months and we have reached the next milestone, 5000 downloads! Thanks to everyone who installs our plugin and suppor…

A lot of opposition to `::`. V doesn't really need to use `::` for a distinction, since types are always uppercase, and variables/functions are always lowercase.

If we decide to do static methods, we'll go with ``

Knowing this, let's re-run the poll:

A lot of developers in the V community would like V to have static type methods: `` or `Foo::new()`.

It will also allow stuff like `MyEnum.from_string('label')`.

Right now V works like Go and only has simple functions `new_foo()`.

What do you think?

Coroutines, V's last big missing feature is here!

It's an early stage: only Linux & macOS for now, no GC support, and needs a use-coroutines flag, but it works great already!

Pretty stable, supports IO and networking operations.

Once it's more polished, we'll do a 0.4 release.

It's great to come across such positive experiences from V users:

VLS (V language server) has been notoriously buggy and crashing a lot.

It's being re-written from scratch with great success by Petr, the author of @intellij_v.

A public beta release is planned soon!

A presentation from DebConf 2022:

"An introduction to V"

VPM (V's package manager) has been re-written and launched!

It happened live on streams, all vods are available on youtube:

Json2V: convert JSON to a struct in V.

Vweb, V's builtin web framework, now has a secure CSRF protection via the double submit cookie pattern, with the cookie being the hmac of a secret value and the random token:

An upcoming WASM backend re-write is:

- Written in pure V (no more dependency on binaryen) - Twice as fast compared to the binaryen implementation

Volt, the app V was created for, is finally getting released for a public beta test on May 20, 2023!

It will be available for all three operating systems.

Here's a cool demo to show off the performance of this IM client: scrolling through 5000 Discord messages in 1 second!

The latest 0.3.4 changelog has all changes separated into categories.

Do you think that should be done for all releases from now on?

(poll in the next tweet)

V 0.3.4 is out!

The changelog is huge, it has 72 items 😲

Go here for the full changelog:

IntelliJ V plugin is becoming more and more popular!

Not surprising, it works really well, and it's the best plugin available at the moment:

We're working on making V for VSCode/VLS just as good.

V ORM (V's builtin ORM) now supports `LIKE`!

GitHub Copilot can now generate automatic PR summaries in V's repos:

Blog post:

Getting Started With V



V is a simple, fast, safe, compiled general purpose programming language for developing maintainable software. There are several compelling reasons for us


A CouchDB client for V:

Vaunt: a CMS built with V and Vweb along with a visual block editor in Vue.

It can be used to generate static sites:

V now has a new wasm module with a pure V implementation of the wasm bytecode module format!

It provides a builder to generate wasm modules in memory, enabling users to create functions, opcodes, and use the entire wasm specification without relying on large deps like binaryen.

RT @ylluminate: Whisker - the awesome {{ #mustache }} descended templating language for logic-less templates by @hungrybluedev for #vlang /…

A simple x64 Assembler written in V

Vweb, V's official web framework, just got a lot more efficient.

It now has a worker pool, which allows a controlled number of threads to be utilized for the http server:

RT @itsBexli: @LowLevelTweets More of a mascot than a logo, but I love @v_language's little guy

Vweb, V's official web framework, now supports middleware!

New stream VOD:

Migrating VPM to V ORM. Simplifying the structure, adding some basic missing logic.

Progress bars in your terminal with V:

The VOD of the first coding stream.

Implementing mandatory `map[i] or {}` for references and Ved editor fixes for the stream (changing font/dark mode):

V's comptime reflection now supports maps:

RT @intellij_v: IntelliJ V 0.0.1-beta.3 is out now!

This big update includes over 20 additional checks that will show you that the code wo…

V now allows to write short V programs on the command line with the `-e` flag, just like Perl.

Piping works as well:

5 short videos that demonstrate recent autocomplete improvements in IntelliJ V:

A very insightful and technical article about V's new native WASM backend by its author:

A new video on V's official YouTube channel: a small presentation of V's features at IBM.

A big release of the popular and beloved IntelliJ V plugin is out!

RT @khmarbaise: @v_language Now the language gets interesting with @intellijidea @IntelliJSupport and makes it easier to test that.... and…

A new release of vsql, a single-file/PostgreSQL-server compatible, transactional, SQL-compliant database written in pure V:

New features:

- Catalogs
- SET SCHEMA support

The native WebAssembly backend by l-m has been merged into V's main repository!

It's now available in latest V:

V's compiler just got much faster on macOS. It's now as fast as it has been on Linux and Windows, since the same faster backend is now used on all three.

Compiling V itself now takes 0.5s compared to 3.3s it used to take before:

V is trending on GitHub again!

RT @intellij_v: Did you know that in V enums can be used as bit fields? It is enough to add the [flags] attribute and any enum becomes a bi…

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