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V's Option type is now a first-class type, meaning it can be used in function params, assignments (`x := ?int(none)`), unwrapping expressions (`println(var?) `) and more:

Anthony GG @anthdm tries V out and ends up enjoying it:

RT @intellij_v: Today we will look at "Introduce Variable" refactoring.
With this refactoring, you can quickly transform part of an expres…

V programs can be compiled to WASM via Emscripten, but a native WASM backend is being developed by l-m:

And it can already run Mandelbrot in the browser!

RT @intellij_v: How to implement an interface for any structure?
Place the cursor on the structure name and press (⌥+Enter) Alt+Enter to b…

An installer creator written in pure V by Mehmet Ali:

RT @intellij_v: Finally, the plugin has been downloaded over 500 times. This is the first small point and we will improve further!

It's possible to build APK apps in V right on your Android device via VAB + Termux!

RT @intellij_v: IntelliJ V 0.0.1-beta.2 is out! This is the first update since beta testing started.
It includes a number of fixes and imp…

Some @exercism_io exercises are very simple in V :)

V is available on Exercism now.

Learn V by solving exercises.

V 0.3.3 is out!

Do you prefer having language documentation on GitHub (like we do for V right now) or a separate documentation website (like Rust docs)?

A cool demo of the power of C2V: a V wrapper for binaryen, an optimizer and compiler/toolchain library for WebAssembly.

Translated with C2V.

V UI, the official cross-platform UI library, is now licensed under MIT.

That means it can now be freely used in commercial/closed source projects.

Originally the goal was to finance its development by using a dual license, like Qt. Now it's going to be financed by donations.

RT @develpon: @v_language syntax highlighting for editors based on @kdecommunity's SyntaxHighlighting framework (Kate, KWrite etc.) is now…

A new major release of the V playground is out!


- Simple autocompletion
- Ability to run multiple threads via `spawn`
- Ability to run programs as tests
- New examples
- Improved highlighting
- Bug fixes and minor improvements
- Resizable terminal

The long-awaited IntelliJ plugin for V is out!

It has code completion, on-the-fly analysis, syntax highlighting, code generation, quick documentation on hover, and more.

RT @_Cenit: Visualization for a reduced version of my input for Day 8 of #AdventOfCode 2022, Treetop Tree House in @v_language

RT @ylluminate: Wow, great work @ulisesjcf with getting such an impressive VSL implementation of Matmul into kostya benchmarks for @v_langu…

V officially supports Apple's latest macOS 13 Ventura.

It runs great on it!

V has moved up to the 4th place on

RT @petr_makhneff: JetBrains IDEs have a great test runner, and now the @v_language plugin uses it to provide nice output as well as handy…

The V ecosystem is growing and our official scientific computing library (VSL) now provides different examples on how to use ML algorithms and combine them with the plot library to see the results. You can check out the examples in the VSL repo to find out more about it:

RT @SatimeWallin: Even though V (@v_language ) isn't fully stable yet it represents a simplistic pure joy of writing code. So elegant, so e…

RT @petr_makhneff: Rendering documentation directly in the IDE allows comments to be shown in a more readable form than they are as comment…

An official repository for solutions to Advent of Code, written in V:

V just got 10 times faster on macOS! (on par with Linux and Windows now, non-prod builds only)

We'll be publishing an out of schedule early release and a demo video early next week.

RT @Delta2315: A week ago, I implemented support for const ident for match ranges in @v_language (1\n)

V doesn't have a formal Language Specification yet, but there's now a BNF grammar used in the upcoming JetBrains plugin.

It will also be used for the formal spec.

RT @petr_makhneff: Duck typing is a convenient concept that is used in the @v_language. The plugin for JetBrains IDEs makes working with it…

Like Scala and Go, V recently switched to using [] for generics.

Using <> resulted in parsing issues that couldn't be resolved without type information.

Old code will keep working, vfmt automatically takes care of the change.

You can read about the benefits of using [] here:

A very basic text-only browser in 500 lines of V:

A very important PR has just been merged:

V structs can finally have optional fields!

After trying out "{foo}" for string interpolation, we went back to "${foo}".

Too many issues when generating code (C, HTML etc), complicates the parser and the tooling too much.

Should we still have "$foo" for simple variables like in Kotlin, or just "${foo}"?

RT @alexfrancow: New blog post about @v_language, I hope you enjoy it.
🗒️ Encrypting the C# Shellcode Runner with V and Caesar cipher.

V 0.3.2 is out!

V enums are represented by the i32 type. If you want to use a custom integer type, you can now use `as`:

RT @petr_makhneff: @v_language has a nice little sql right in the language syntax, plugin knows features of this syntax and will help you w…

A V web app running on Android via Termux:

V's online playground is back!

It's now open source (written in V of course), has syntax highlighting, dark mode, code caching.

Source code:

RT @qtc_de: If you are looking for a smaller spare time project I can really recommend the PE packer tutorial by Jérémy Beaume:


RT @petr_makhneff: The beauty of @jetbrains like experience soon available for @v_language

V's compiler is fast, but doing optimized builds used to be unacceptably slow.

For example, building V itself takes 0.4 seconds, but an optimized build with -prod took a whopping 44 seconds on the same machine!

Luckily with the recent parallelization it's now 9 times faster:

V has a builtin command line documentation tool, which also just got syntax highlighting.

For example, `v doc strings` returns:

A demo of Gitly is live:

You can check out the speed and minimalism of an upcoming open-source development platform written in V.

A public beta launch is planned for this October.

V 0.3.1 is out!

This release has been focused on bug fixes, but it also has a couple of big features:

Over the last year there was only one day without commits to V's git repository:

V has an official tensor library: VTL.

It provides:

· An n-dimensional Tensor data structure
· Sophisticated reduction, elementwise, and accumulation ops
· Data Structures that can easily be passed to C
· Powerful linear algebra routines backed by VSL

VTik: Tik Tok video downloader written in V.

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